Baigent Consulting gives companies that big-firm service on a small-firm budget. We offer business accounting services to clients across New Zealand from our offices in Botany Downs, Auckland.

Our clients range from large firms with turnover in excess of $30m, right down to local small businesses in the initial stages of their life. Our philosophy is simple: get the basics right. We ensure your business structure is correct, work on legitimate tax minimisation and provide essential accounting services.

We're more than just tax accountants – we work with you as a proactive business partner to help you maximise returns.

About Ross Baigent - Managing Director

With over 30 years of commercial business experience and 20 years as a Chartered Accountant, Ross Baigent understands the needs of his clients, whatever the size and structure of their business.

In the 1980s, Ross was a partner in a middle-tier international accounting firm, Included amongst his roles he was National Director of Accounting Services. He was a founding partner of the firm's investment advisory arm, which went on to become an extremely successful independent investment advisory firm.

After ten years, Ross left the firm to work in the family business. In 2009, he relocated Baigent Consulting from central Auckland to Botany Downs. Drawing on his years of experience he provides the full spectrum of tax, accounting and business consultancy services.

Ross is a member of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants and is the holder of a Certificate of Public Practice, which allows Baigent Consulting to offer accounting services to the public. He has served on various committees of the Institute, including an elected representative on branch and national committees.