GST - Goods & Services Tax

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GST is a tax on retail spending that is applied to all businesses with an annual turnover in excess of $60,000. GST returns must be filed with the Inland Revenue Department at either one, two or six monthly periods.

GST tax rate - 15.0%

Calculating GST

To get the GST inclusive amount, multiply the GST exclusive amount by 1.15. (ie $1,000 x 1.15 = $1,150)
To get the GST exclusive amount, divide the GST inclusive amount by 1.15. (ie $1,150 / 1.15 = $1,000)

To get the GST amount

Multiply the GST inclusive amount by 3 and divide by 23. (ie $1,150 x 3 / 23 = $150), OR
Muliply the net GST exclusive amount by 0.15 (15%) (ie $1,000 x 0.15 = $150)